Input Voltage Range: 12V, 24V or 48V
Available Wattage 12 Watts to 72 Watts
LED Driver

DC-DC Boost Driver with high efficiency, soft start and dimming option

Charge Controller: 5 Amps t0 20 Amps, PWM / MPPT, 12V to 48V

Lead Acid, Flooded Tubular Solar Battery (C10), 70% depth of discharge.

Lithium Ion/LiFePO4 Phosphate battery with cycle life > 2000, 100% DOD

Street Light Housing

Aluminum Pressure Die Casting, Powder Coated, Rust proof, IP65

Efficiency >85%
Solar Panel Poly Crystalling Solar Panel, MNRE Approved
Street Light Pole

MS Powder Coated, Single/Twin Arm Solar Panel Mounting arrangement

Battery Box

MS Powder Coated, attached to pole & locking mechanism.

Please feel free to contact us for technical datasheet and pricing of individual model. The solution is completely customizable based on user requirement.